Mittwoch, 31. Dezember 2008

The Camyrmhive

The last days were rather quiet, i enjoyed some small hunts and rescues. On one evening a small group decided to check wether it was already possible to hunt for Camyrmeggs, which are needed to enter the Dean Castle. Due to severe injuries and curiousness more and more Arilonians arrived, until finally more than 20 were roaming the Camyrm-Queenchamber. The queen still proved more than a match for us, so we sealed it away at the western entrance.
Our numbers allowed us to survive several reinforcements of Camyrm despite the chaotic behaviour. Luckily we could capture 2 eggs in the process. All in all it was a funny experience, although the temperature in the hive was way too high for me, even though i already have my summer fur.

Later that day i went to NiamphSpiders together with Neleth, Penthka and Kathius. I know all of them for a long time and wanted to help them search for spiderlegs. We encountered and defeated lots and lots of Mammuts, but were rewarded with very few intact legs. Still, it had reminded me of the time before the great storm, which shall never be forgotten.

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