Samstag, 27. Dezember 2008

Exploring Dean

When i woke up yesterday, the same picture as all the last days awaited me: a peaceful town and quite a lot of well-known, new and longtime not seen faces. This time i went hunting in Niamphjungle with Penthka, Zarok, Zoid and Gravier. Although Gravier fell rarely, we found quite a lot of leather. Twice he could show his chaining skill, as all but the two of us fell deep in the jungle. Luckily we are both skilled pathfinders, so the way back to Niamph Bridge, where helping hands awaited us was quickly covered.
When the healers wished to meditate after the second time, we looked for a more dangerous target. First we thought of Boanyoo, but while Gravier ran for his gloves, we decided it´d be nice to explore Dean a little. A first surprise was waiting at the docks: a Fearless and several other Orga were patrolling there, but had not yet erected huts. One can only speculate if they didn´t because we already got the sabre and there´s nothing left to protect or wether they don´t want to draw our attention.
But quickly we were in Yaramida, heading south. Soon we had encountered and killed several Dean Wendeckas, when two of the large kind "persuaded" us to retreat to the village and advance more wary next time. We made good progress this way. It turned out that the boats near the village were leading down a river and not a lake. We kept the mountains always on our left, while the way led south. Suddenly we found ourselves in a small cave and heard different sounds outside. A quick look confirmed that we had landed in a different region: Aroona! We were in the most northeastern-corner, the caves north must be those also leading to Treangi, if you keep west at the bridge. Unfortunately Lafaborn was killed by the waiting Tigris and so we searched for a way home. What proved not so good for us, will lead to good in the future: the incomplete map of this part led to some quick approaches in different directions searching the fastest way home. I hope i memorized it correctly so i can adjust the map accordingly. On the way back first Zarok and then Tarra fell too and Sophos, whom we met in the Aroona village, could not help any of them. But we were nearly back into safe regions and so everyone was rescued after a short while. I´m looking forward to the next trip to explore more of Dean.

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