Freitag, 25. Juli 2008


Yesterday i was sleeping in town when several strange invasions took place. At first it were only chickens, but it were many! Luckily my axe chopped their necks easily and so they were no real threat.
After this we were settling down again and suddenly a strange plant grew right in front of Reizis tree! We had seen the like already before the big storm, but this one turned out to be harmless, when it was ripe.
But soon after a pack of tigers accompanied by some mahas appeared at the fountain. At first we haoped for an easy fight, taking them for summers and boloks, but we soon realised our mistake when we were lying around bleeding from countless wounds. But thanks to our healers we were soon raised and could kill the tigers.
This time we couldn´t recover long as lots and lots of Ona Giants and Berserks stormed towards us. But with some patience this attack could be fended off aswell.
Later some vermine appeared, but after what had happened before they were nothing that could amaze us and we simply took our weapons and went on killing. All in all a day with strange events.

Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Destroying the Orga Huts

When i came into town yesterday a lot of people were sitting there. I couldn´t let this opportunity pass and although i had planned this for today i asked them to help to tear down some more of the Orgas buildings in our lands.

Soon we managed to destroy the huts and the statue at the entrance to Three Valleys. Luckily we had not only a nice group of fighters but also enough healers who had learned with Letifa to raise any fallen, as the magic protcting the Orga huts is rather strong.

The way through Three Valleys was rather uncomplicated, at first we only found an Orga here or there, only in the last snell we found a statue and a hut that were quickly destroyed aswell.
The first tough challenge was the entrance into ponyland, as we were greeted by some horses, warlocks, trotzkis and a statue. Slowly we managed to cut our way through when the next danger appeared: several Fearless Orgas were around and trying to reduce our numbers. But they didn´t stand a chance against our combined forces. Suddenly a huge boulder crashed in our midst and hurt several of us badly. Where did that came from? It did not take long to find out: the Orga had brought a catapult to defend against us! We tried to destroy it, but without the help of a mage our weapons seldomly hit a weak spot of the catapult. After some retreats to Three Valleys to heal up we finally managed to cut the last tensioning rope and the catapult was destroyed!

After that we continued to tear down one hut after the other, until the snell was free of them. It had become rather late and it had been tiring work, so several people wanted to meditate. As we had some potential students of Resumiell with us, we decided to have a quick trip to Ellyllon and leave the huts alone. In Ellyllon we were greeted by and Orga Fury, which gave us quite some fight. We already had it on red, when our last healer died. Many chose to depart, as the sun made its way over the sky, but in the end Mordor, Jago, Balaforn and me waited for the rescue group to arrive and we savely made it back to Arilon.

I hope the hunt i want to organize today will go as smooth and we can clean the snell east of Ellyllon, the last one to contain any huts. After that we will surely try to bring down that Fury and get our revenge. I hope the loss of their outpost will strike the Dor'Shak and the Orgas hard
and they will keep away to recover long enough for us to find a use for the scroll we found.

Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

The Oaljefant

Yesterday we were hunting some Niamph spiders, when we noticed an Oaljefant in the midst of the Gorillas in the plains below us. The Oaljefant started to feed the Gorillas with Bananas and after a while of us watching intently and trying to pet it, the Oaljefant produced lots of other stuff from under its fur. It dropped a tomato, chocolate-bars, a red potion and even fish! I got very angry when the Gorillas mindlessly stepped on the fish and splashed it into the mud, but sadly my training doesn´t allow for revenge yet.

After a while we decided to go on and met the Oaljefant again at the liana we use since before the great storm to reach the Gorilla plains. When it started dropping stuff again, we got more than excited and tried to climb down the liana, grab everything in reach, run from the Gorillas and climb up again. For a while this went well, but all of a sudden i was the only Arilonian left standing. But luckily help came soon and in the meanwhile the Oaljefant had planeted enough kudzu to keep the gorillas away. We petted the big furry creature a litte more and after some begging it even produced some more fish! So the day ended with a pleasant surprise.

All in all we managed to get some potions (3 red one and a green one i think) aswell as lots of food. You can see some scetches attached.

Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Orga Camp the 2nd

Yesterday was a great day for nice hunts. First we were hunting in Savannah, where Frenzy once more proofed his great skinning skills. We even encountered a Cobra and nearly died on the attempt to at least hit her once, but luckily Fummy chained us into a safe.

After a while some people rather wanted to hunt somewhere else and due to many people in the lands the Orga Camp was our next destination. We started off with a nice group and quickly lots of Zerks had died due to countless wounds caused by our sharp weapons. When we reached the first safe, Jazz (who wanted to join us) fell to a Wolf somewhere in the autumn woods. And then it came as it had to: Terra and Fummy ran back to get Jazz...and fell. And the rest of the group decided to make for Rashhaka through Camp 1. All of them but Newt, Frenzy and me fell!

After some attempts to help the fallens just 1e of the safe, which were disturbed by rages and trotzkis, we decided to make for the passage and get reinforcements first. On our way there we were chased by countless death and dark vermines, but luckily we made it. Newt and Frenzy seem to tend their weapons well, they helped cutting a way through the passage and eventually our rescue group had grown by Terra Bul, Fummy and Jazz.

Several vermine, zerks, two rages and a fury (thanks to Jazz for boosting!) later we were back at the river safe. Due to a combined effort we managed to rescue everyone and the whole group got safely back to town!

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008

The pirate fortress

After we caught sight of some pirate priests when tearing down some orga huts we decided to check the new pirate fort at the beach. We went there with a nice group and after some wild guesses finally found the password (Korsaro) for the trapdoor leading to the hidden basement!

There we encountered some priests, slaughterers, murderers and other pirates. We managed to kill them where they attacked us and also found lots of barrels stuffed to the top with loot, which we gratefully devided among us.

We soon found out that the basement of the forttress was basically a large Prison and after a while we came to a door locked by a big rusty wheel. We openend it and killed the pirate jailer living in the room. And behold, we also found a key to one of the cells. We found a password in the cell and so a search for the other jailors, keys and passwords followed!

Finally, after 6 keys, lots of shed pirate blood and a little less blood from us, we got the last password: kosahn.

With this we were able to open the door in the northwestern tower, which was accessable over the fortresses roof. We killed a blue clad Pirate Leader and found a roll of parchment!
Sadly we couldn´t find out what to do with the parchment. We hoped to meet Marchak Kzun either in Arilon or in Rot Fins Inn to ask him for adcive but until now we didn´t meet him. The future will show what to do!
This is what happens if you make a think about Orga girls being in Arilon:

Rion seemed quite happy with the result but his next offer of girls at the Inn 1E was not believed by the Orgas anymore

Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

A Visit to Orga Camp

Well, today there wasn´t much action to be found so we decided for a change to hunt orgas on our own without fighting them back at the Orga huts. Fummy, Frenzymac and me traveled as far as the riversafe and got back whole!
Lots of Orgas could be killed by us aswell as lots of death vermines whose furs we collected. Luckily nothing more dangerous than that crossed our way.
On our way back we also visited S'almo in his house on the western border of Orga Camp but it looked as it always had.

Thanks again for the nice hunt!

The Dor'Shak

This is the first entry in my newly obtained notebook.

A moment ago the Dor'shak came to Arilon again and caused some trouble. For those who don´t know him: he´s the guy in the black robe on the picture i draw. Since some time now the orgas have been seen in three Valleys, the ponyland and the infested forest, building huts and statues there. On several occasions the Dor'Shak has been seen with them and even leading new reinforcements into battle. Recently he seems to have decided to take a more direct hand and isn´t always fleeing if someone comes near him, he rather stops to kill the person.

This time he not only brought new Orgas to town, but also claimed the town to be his. After that the coward vanished while more and more Orgas filled with hatred to us Arilonians came to town.

But although we were few and the number of Orgas seemed endless we managed to kill most of them. Then some Zerks and Frostorgas arrived together with Warlocks and things were on knifes edge, but with combined forces and some boosting of Leda we managed to kill every last one of them:

After that we made a shocking discovery! While we were fighting around the fountain the Orgas had managed to built a quite askew, yet sturdy hut near the river!

Of course we didn´t stop before the hut was torn down, although this requirted much more time than the orgas had needed for building it and the help of Reizende aswell, but finally we managed it.

Now we should concentrate on the intentions of the Dor'shak and wether we can stop him or not. Marchak Kzun,a friendly Nor who recently helped us fighting Orgas at several invasions told us to go to "Korsaro ...Pirates ... Korsaro ... Pirates ..." to find a weapon against the Dor'Shak.

I hope to be with the Arilonians when this search is made.

Hopefully i don´t forget writing down my adventures from now on...