Freitag, 25. Juli 2008


Yesterday i was sleeping in town when several strange invasions took place. At first it were only chickens, but it were many! Luckily my axe chopped their necks easily and so they were no real threat.
After this we were settling down again and suddenly a strange plant grew right in front of Reizis tree! We had seen the like already before the big storm, but this one turned out to be harmless, when it was ripe.
But soon after a pack of tigers accompanied by some mahas appeared at the fountain. At first we haoped for an easy fight, taking them for summers and boloks, but we soon realised our mistake when we were lying around bleeding from countless wounds. But thanks to our healers we were soon raised and could kill the tigers.
This time we couldn´t recover long as lots and lots of Ona Giants and Berserks stormed towards us. But with some patience this attack could be fended off aswell.
Later some vermine appeared, but after what had happened before they were nothing that could amaze us and we simply took our weapons and went on killing. All in all a day with strange events.

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Bingro hat gesagt…

We were attacked by mice a few days ago :D