Samstag, 5. Juli 2008

The Dor'Shak

This is the first entry in my newly obtained notebook.

A moment ago the Dor'shak came to Arilon again and caused some trouble. For those who don´t know him: he´s the guy in the black robe on the picture i draw. Since some time now the orgas have been seen in three Valleys, the ponyland and the infested forest, building huts and statues there. On several occasions the Dor'Shak has been seen with them and even leading new reinforcements into battle. Recently he seems to have decided to take a more direct hand and isn´t always fleeing if someone comes near him, he rather stops to kill the person.

This time he not only brought new Orgas to town, but also claimed the town to be his. After that the coward vanished while more and more Orgas filled with hatred to us Arilonians came to town.

But although we were few and the number of Orgas seemed endless we managed to kill most of them. Then some Zerks and Frostorgas arrived together with Warlocks and things were on knifes edge, but with combined forces and some boosting of Leda we managed to kill every last one of them:

After that we made a shocking discovery! While we were fighting around the fountain the Orgas had managed to built a quite askew, yet sturdy hut near the river!

Of course we didn´t stop before the hut was torn down, although this requirted much more time than the orgas had needed for building it and the help of Reizende aswell, but finally we managed it.

Now we should concentrate on the intentions of the Dor'shak and wether we can stop him or not. Marchak Kzun,a friendly Nor who recently helped us fighting Orgas at several invasions told us to go to "Korsaro ...Pirates ... Korsaro ... Pirates ..." to find a weapon against the Dor'Shak.

I hope to be with the Arilonians when this search is made.

Hopefully i don´t forget writing down my adventures from now on...

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