Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Orga Camp the 2nd

Yesterday was a great day for nice hunts. First we were hunting in Savannah, where Frenzy once more proofed his great skinning skills. We even encountered a Cobra and nearly died on the attempt to at least hit her once, but luckily Fummy chained us into a safe.

After a while some people rather wanted to hunt somewhere else and due to many people in the lands the Orga Camp was our next destination. We started off with a nice group and quickly lots of Zerks had died due to countless wounds caused by our sharp weapons. When we reached the first safe, Jazz (who wanted to join us) fell to a Wolf somewhere in the autumn woods. And then it came as it had to: Terra and Fummy ran back to get Jazz...and fell. And the rest of the group decided to make for Rashhaka through Camp 1. All of them but Newt, Frenzy and me fell!

After some attempts to help the fallens just 1e of the safe, which were disturbed by rages and trotzkis, we decided to make for the passage and get reinforcements first. On our way there we were chased by countless death and dark vermines, but luckily we made it. Newt and Frenzy seem to tend their weapons well, they helped cutting a way through the passage and eventually our rescue group had grown by Terra Bul, Fummy and Jazz.

Several vermine, zerks, two rages and a fury (thanks to Jazz for boosting!) later we were back at the river safe. Due to a combined effort we managed to rescue everyone and the whole group got safely back to town!

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