Sonntag, 6. Juli 2008

The pirate fortress

After we caught sight of some pirate priests when tearing down some orga huts we decided to check the new pirate fort at the beach. We went there with a nice group and after some wild guesses finally found the password (Korsaro) for the trapdoor leading to the hidden basement!

There we encountered some priests, slaughterers, murderers and other pirates. We managed to kill them where they attacked us and also found lots of barrels stuffed to the top with loot, which we gratefully devided among us.

We soon found out that the basement of the forttress was basically a large Prison and after a while we came to a door locked by a big rusty wheel. We openend it and killed the pirate jailer living in the room. And behold, we also found a key to one of the cells. We found a password in the cell and so a search for the other jailors, keys and passwords followed!

Finally, after 6 keys, lots of shed pirate blood and a little less blood from us, we got the last password: kosahn.

With this we were able to open the door in the northwestern tower, which was accessable over the fortresses roof. We killed a blue clad Pirate Leader and found a roll of parchment!
Sadly we couldn´t find out what to do with the parchment. We hoped to meet Marchak Kzun either in Arilon or in Rot Fins Inn to ask him for adcive but until now we didn´t meet him. The future will show what to do!

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