Dienstag, 22. Juli 2008

Destroying the Orga Huts

When i came into town yesterday a lot of people were sitting there. I couldn´t let this opportunity pass and although i had planned this for today i asked them to help to tear down some more of the Orgas buildings in our lands.

Soon we managed to destroy the huts and the statue at the entrance to Three Valleys. Luckily we had not only a nice group of fighters but also enough healers who had learned with Letifa to raise any fallen, as the magic protcting the Orga huts is rather strong.

The way through Three Valleys was rather uncomplicated, at first we only found an Orga here or there, only in the last snell we found a statue and a hut that were quickly destroyed aswell.
The first tough challenge was the entrance into ponyland, as we were greeted by some horses, warlocks, trotzkis and a statue. Slowly we managed to cut our way through when the next danger appeared: several Fearless Orgas were around and trying to reduce our numbers. But they didn´t stand a chance against our combined forces. Suddenly a huge boulder crashed in our midst and hurt several of us badly. Where did that came from? It did not take long to find out: the Orga had brought a catapult to defend against us! We tried to destroy it, but without the help of a mage our weapons seldomly hit a weak spot of the catapult. After some retreats to Three Valleys to heal up we finally managed to cut the last tensioning rope and the catapult was destroyed!

After that we continued to tear down one hut after the other, until the snell was free of them. It had become rather late and it had been tiring work, so several people wanted to meditate. As we had some potential students of Resumiell with us, we decided to have a quick trip to Ellyllon and leave the huts alone. In Ellyllon we were greeted by and Orga Fury, which gave us quite some fight. We already had it on red, when our last healer died. Many chose to depart, as the sun made its way over the sky, but in the end Mordor, Jago, Balaforn and me waited for the rescue group to arrive and we savely made it back to Arilon.

I hope the hunt i want to organize today will go as smooth and we can clean the snell east of Ellyllon, the last one to contain any huts. After that we will surely try to bring down that Fury and get our revenge. I hope the loss of their outpost will strike the Dor'Shak and the Orgas hard
and they will keep away to recover long enough for us to find a use for the scroll we found.

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