Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

The Oaljefant

Yesterday we were hunting some Niamph spiders, when we noticed an Oaljefant in the midst of the Gorillas in the plains below us. The Oaljefant started to feed the Gorillas with Bananas and after a while of us watching intently and trying to pet it, the Oaljefant produced lots of other stuff from under its fur. It dropped a tomato, chocolate-bars, a red potion and even fish! I got very angry when the Gorillas mindlessly stepped on the fish and splashed it into the mud, but sadly my training doesn´t allow for revenge yet.

After a while we decided to go on and met the Oaljefant again at the liana we use since before the great storm to reach the Gorilla plains. When it started dropping stuff again, we got more than excited and tried to climb down the liana, grab everything in reach, run from the Gorillas and climb up again. For a while this went well, but all of a sudden i was the only Arilonian left standing. But luckily help came soon and in the meanwhile the Oaljefant had planeted enough kudzu to keep the gorillas away. We petted the big furry creature a litte more and after some begging it even produced some more fish! So the day ended with a pleasant surprise.

All in all we managed to get some potions (3 red one and a green one i think) aswell as lots of food. You can see some scetches attached.

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