Donnerstag, 7. August 2008

An interesting day

Yesterday was a really nice day in Arilon with lots of different hunts, so i thought i could write a little about it.

The day began a little frustrating. I had given my leather bracers to a mage to mount a nice crystal on it which was supposed to help me, recovering faster from being hurt and it was supposed to guide my hand safely and hit more accurate. Sadly there had been a misunderstanding and i had to have the crystal removed again. A shame, it was glittering really nice.

A little later Leda asked me to keep the Castle Guards from her while she was trying something in Am'Duaths Castle. Happy that i had a guide i followed her and she showed me some ways males like me can use. Unfortunately we were overwhelmed by some commanders of the castle guard, but Frenzymac could rescue us soon after.

Of course there´s nothing better to recover from such an expedition than a hunt, so we went hunting in Savannah with a nice group. At first, we were making good progress and recovered quite a lot nice furs. It was when we came close to the safe at the western mountains that the hunt began to become a series of rescue attempts. A Chami-Cobra was waiting for us and not all of us made it into the safe. There were times when all but Frenzymac where fallen and only a brave look outside from him rescued me. Before this attempt we were waiting for nearly half an hour for the cobra to vanish to the south, but it seemd to know what to do to annihilate our group completely.
When i was up again i decided to make a run from the hut to lure the cobra away and give Frenzymac the time to heal the others. It was successful, but in the end i fell east of the safe. I was just preparing to wait a little until the other could carve a way toward me when i heard a crackling fire. When i turned my head i saw the spirit of the Maqua Ver'Da who seemed to have magic powers because all the monsters who tried to touch it suddenly burst into flame! Sadly i couldn´t talk to him. He was crying sometimes, though i don´t know if that was a try to communicate or if he was wailing about his situation.
After some more runs to Savanna exit, falling to the cobra, searching other fallens, returning to the western safe for Brommi and some more falling we returned to Arilon quite exhausted.

When i arrived i made a joyous discovery. The gained experience from all the fights in Savannah made the fighter guild decide to promote me to Contego! Now i can finally try to reach Insulea to get some Orga Slime and then Donoma to buy a Buckler.

In the evening i was asked to join a Bison hunt. Of course i accepted and after testing if i could brick Grendels and then killing them we were rushing through the steppe and killed what got in reach of our blades, which were quite a lot of Bisons and Wolves. Once again i could prove my abilities with my skinning knife. In the northeastern corner we finally had the opportunity to get at least a little revenge for the events in Savannah: We encountered a steppe-cobra which we could vanquish rather quickly due to a nice boost from Leda and the combined effort of figthers and healers (if you look closely you can see Brommi trampling on its corpse).
Then it proved useful that i had also attained F'rrittis lessons so i could lead the group up to the Tundra. While the rest of us took a small break, Leda got the opportunity to do whatever mages do when seeing a portal place. It seems to have been successful because the end of the hunt was my first portal trip since the great storm and i really enjoyed it.

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