Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

Kissed by a butterfly

The day started with a hunt in Tigerland. We looted lots of nice furs, but suddenly Gravier, Frenzy and me found ourselves amidst a huge pack of Tigers, who hunted us down. Luckily reinforcements came out of the tower and eventually rescued us from what had seemed a sure depart, thanks!

In the evening we had a meeting with Ziyal and Aerandir, with whom we discussed how to increase the dwindling number of Arilonians and potential dangers of that.Afterwards, Aerandir granted us a session of his famous Monsterroulette, where you have to guess two numbers x and y and he will then release y monsters, which stand in place x in his list. This is mostly very dangerous, but always great fun. This time we "won" Ghidoras, catapults, Barrakudas and purple Arachnoids among others.

Back in town several butterflies were searching for flowers. I managed to trap one and get transformed by it. The rest of the day i felt really light, it was a nice experience.Of course this strange body had some disadvantages as well, so i had to be really careful not to burn my wings in Boanyoo, where we hunted late in the evening. I also experienced that i had to avoid any enemy touching them, as any contact immediately lessened its usefulness. Luckily Newt and Brommi knew how to tend butterflies and so i survived the challenging hunt, at the end of which Crash even found the long sought-after Sanddollar, which he needed to buy a Warhammer.

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