Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

How to travel quickly

Once more a lot of people had gathered at the well in Arilon, so we decided to try our luck with hunting Glaciomyrms. Sadly no mage can open a portal into the Tundra yet, but Gravier led the group through several paths in a very clever way north. On the way i even discovered one path previously unknown to me. Soon we stood in the mud of the Grendelpass and started fighting the immense monsters. Sadly the third one proved a little strong, but we wanted to go on anyway.

When we arrived at the Glacier, we found the Royal and Noble Myrms to be easy prey when fighting one at a time. We killed quite a lot of them, but found no diamonds.
The Queens glittering skin looked too tough to bore through and her mandibles too strong to try to fight her, but her whole royal household fell to our weapons. When we could find no more big Myrm, we made a makeshift safe with the help of sturdy Kudzus. It is amazing that they even grow on totally frozen ground. Sadly i felt an urgent need to meditate then and had to run home. Thanks to Paads instructions it didn´t take very long until i was back in town and in the tower.

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