Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

A dwarf coming to Arilon

The day started very pleasantly: Lee, a newly arrived Wanderer (rumor says the way to the Arindal has become easier to find from the outside world) needed help. I gladly showed him around a little and watched him becoming a fighter apprentice. After Etta showed him the basic hunting grounds, we went to SF for some starting money. Shortly after a Wendiehunt started and we took Lee along. Although he had to take lots of blows, he managed to hit quite a lot of the apes and was so tired after that he went meditating immediately. I hope to see him in the lands for a long time.
Another unsuccessful T'roolhunt later, a small group made its way into the Orga Camp. Soon we had come close to Camp 2, where we burst into a gathering of Zerks. But they have become a rather easy enemy, especially for groups and so it didn´t take long until we continued. Lots of Trotzkis tried to bar the way into the Camp itself, but a few tries later we entered the tunnel leading towards Camp 3.
Quite a lot of Furies were around to guard this Camp and we had a nice time killing every one we could lay hands on. While entering the Camp had still provided some difficulties, staying in the Camp and killing Orga-reinforcements proved no greater difficulty.
On the way back to town we discovered that the way north of the river is now full with Large Dark Vermines. Although we dearly liked to challenge one and try to recover its fur, the 3 watching the ladder seemed too clear a depart to risk it.

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