Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Orga Invasion

Yesterday some Orga invaded our peaceful town once more. Luckily several Arilonians were close to help and the Warriors, Zerks, Warlocks and Fearless proved no problem for us. The revived skeletons of Orga Rages were tougher, but eventually we killed them for good as well.
As a revenge we decided to clean Piratebeach as far as possible from the Orga's presence. It was a tough fight, as the Orga got more and stronger reinforcements as time passed by. Nevertheless we managed to destroy several huts and some of the Orgas statues close to the ford of Swindlys tower. The Orga still hold the part between the tower and Blue Bat Cave, as well as some northern parts.
While we were busy fighting at the beach, some mean Orgas slipped past us and began their evil work in Arilon. In our absence they quickly erected some statues and huts and then killed poor Reizende! Luckily they didn´t think of kidnapping her, so she could be raised soon after.
When some people had to leave the whole group went back to TC to remedy the Orgas damage. It can´t be denied that Dor'Shaks influence is growing and we will soon face major problems if we can´t stop him.

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