Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2008

Clash of the Titans

Yesterday the match of the year took place: TeamPlayer versus TeamGM in Capture the Flag! We met early in the evening and Qwert tried to teach us the basics, which didn´t went very well. Finally we decided that tactics would have to be learned in the match itself.
For a fire to dry myself and a meal after the game i had let myself even be persuaded to enter the flagtowers, which were really mean: their basement was filled with water! But this should prove only one minor of many painful experiences that evening.
When both teams had gathered, the Players chose blue shirts, the GMs red ones. Of the matches themselves i can´t tell everything, there was just so much happening at once. Only this may be said: Surprisingly TeamPlayer could decide the first match for their side, while the two following games went to TeamGM. We players had an advantage in numbers, but the GMs learned at an incredible rate and even those who were easily killed in the first match proved overwhelming enemies in the last. We also experienced several more of the mighty skills of GMs, such as lots of dangerous monsters appearing, morphed GMs, chaining and teleporting of players, bombs, lightening, sudden selfheal, earthquakes, summoning of several well known individuals such as Ugh and Merown and meanest of all: rainclouds over our heads. And i swear this time i did not imagine the water hurting me! But i will let some quick paintings speak for themselves now.

After the match was over, Aerandir granted us another round of monster roulette, this time in the arena. We encountered Ravyn Mares, Jellyfishs, Zerks, Frostgiants, Dean Wendeckas and more. Twice we were overwhelmed, but Aerandir (who looked very pleased about our behaviour) came to our help and guaranteed a happy ending to an exhausting, yet funny evening.

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Was a fun event!

Thanks for all players that participated!

Go TeamGM Go! :)