Montag, 22. Dezember 2008

Hunting in Ardvell

Yesterday a lot of people were around and to refresh memories of good old days before the big storm, a huge group set out to hunt Ardvell Spiders. First stop was the local graveyard, where Lafaborn bought a skullcap to be protected better when trying to recover the teeth of spiders in death struggle.

Sadly, we still have to take boats to get to Ardvell and some Sekats turned my boat upside down twice.
Cleaning and drying my fur took some time, but the hunt was worth it. We ventured towards the portal cave, where Leda learned to her dismay that she was unable to study making a portal from Arilon to Ardvell. Then our way led always south, through lots and lots of gigantic Ardvell Mammutspiders, whose teeth bit through armour like a hot knife through butter and only the quick reflexes i studied to pass Firutins test preserved me from falling even more often. We had several critical situations, but the group was big and well-trained enough to survive them.
The way home was more pleasant: Leda was able to open a portal the other way and so i was spared to enter a boat again. Like every time i nearly forgot to run in the portal, as the marvellous look of the magical pass can make you forget time.

Back in town, we decided there was still time for another hunt and so we ventured southwest, to visit the T'rool once more. Frenzymac did a great job in keeping us alive against the numerous enemies, but although we met quite a lot of red T'rool, once more none of them carried a stone. Even the Sharaq-Boss, whom we captured with Kudzu pretended not to understand our questions where they hide the precious stones.

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