Montag, 29. Dezember 2008

A Kyttyn in the Dark

Oh, what a day it has been! I am really glad that we Kyttyn have eyes that easily adjust to the dark, otherwise i maybe wouldn not have survived my adventures, especially the boattrips in dark night.

First i was invited to a trip to the Caverns of Darkness. Although the first levels are flooded with water, i accepted, knowing the danger is not too great with a group and hoping for the money and experience there. We did quite well and cleared all the Worm- and Golemcaves.

Some rescues in Howling Woods, Ponyland and Snowland later i decided enough people were there to give the gloomy Mynna Crypt another try. I could convince nearly everyone to join and so a sizeable force of up to 19 Arilonians made its way to Mynna. As it seemed my set of rules had been sufficient, except for some spoken trouble the group worked together really good.
After we had fought our way through the entrance, we headed for the northeastern chamber to reassure us of the Pickaxe-Trader. The southeastern chamber was next, as i remembered tairs in a corner there. We did quite well against the strong skeletton guarding the chambers treasure and soon we had gained a second Ancient Dagger!
Unfortunately the stairs were protected by a password, which was yet unknown. So we cleared the other chambers with treasures, guarded by minor Skelettons, whose bodies we then traded for a pickaxe. In the fights the group showed what coordination it was able to: Mordus and Leda were rodding the bosses with some healers, while the rest killed minor monsters until all concentrated on the main target. In the meantime Crash had arrived with the 3 previously attained Skelettons in his bag. Not knowing how many graves we would have to open or how long it might take, we got another Pickaxe, which proved a mistake later on. Nevertheless, the Pickaxes helped us opening grave after grave, most haunted by spooky Undead. In one of them we found a nearly rotten note, with a single word: malseki. We went back to the stairs - and it worked!
Down in the next floor we found another Maqua researcher. He would trade harder pickaxes for 5 Skelettons. Unfortunately we had given all the skelettons to the first Maqua, so we needed new ones. We got one more, but then we headed back for the exit as most people wanted to meditate.

A few people had stayed and we discussed what to do. Finally we decided to try to explore the rest of Dean Valley, a shadowy, dark region of passes. We killed some Tigris and due to being just a small group decided to go through Trengi, which went very smooth. Soon we arrived in Dean and ventured into the western parts. We completed a circle and finally were back in the village near Yaramida. Suddenly Gravier yelled to us to come quickly! He had crossed the bridge guarded by watch towers and there - in the middle of steaming chasms - stood a gigantic castle. We went in and spoke with the door guard, to discover his master wants as many as 100 Camyrmuseggs, before we are allowed to go inside!
With the fixed intention to quickly buy 10 bags and find the 100 eggs, we then set out on the way back through Yaramida, as i felt i had had enough of boats for a day. But we were ambushed by a pack of Pirates on a narrow bridge and Tarra was wounded too severely for Kathius to heal. So Gravier took his chain and dragged the Lepori behind while we all headed from shelter to shelter first through Dean and then through Treangi. We even made it back to the teaseller-safe in Aroona! But then, in the treacherous waters just beside it, Kathius became victim to a jellyfish. Luckily Dresko is an apt chainer as well and so we three fighters made our way back to town, dragging the fallen healers behind.
A big thanks to everyone for the great day with lots of dangers, but no departs (save for those who had to leave early) and quite a lot of improvement in the search for the Ancient Daggers.

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