Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2008

Boarding the Pirate Ships

After buying a new mind crystal i went hunting T'rool with Gravier, Pit Bul and Dolphins. We quickly cleared the Paghorim boss chamber, where Pit found a stone while rummaging through a dead red ones pockets. We then went on to the Rugumonds, where Tarra replaced Pit. With the help of some Kudzus we managed to clear the chamber in just one try as well. So we went to Sharags, where we had to plant a large Kudzu wall before we could find a position to stand against the T'rool. Sadly we didn´t find a stone from these tribes.
In the evening enough people had awakened and we decided to search the recently docked pirate ships for parts of a broken sabre. Lider had informed us they were parts of the weapon against the Dor'Shak and most likely to be found in the posession of pirates. Despite some struggles at the beach we reached the docks quickly, thanks to Gravier. After a first view of the ship (at least these look as if you are not consantly reminded of being on water all the time) we rumagged through the slave-dens of the first ship.
The slaves were pityful to watch, but somehow they seemed to have gone mad under the pirates' treatment, as they fought us with no thought about their own survival. Even killing their guards did nothing to slow their frenzy, so i guess killing them was the best we could do for them.
Several of the lower floors seemed to have small holes, allowing water to intrude, but my try to sink the whole boat proved fruitless, the timbers were too thick.
We went on to the second ship, finding it to be much the same. Here we entered the rear cabins and fought our way through the crews bunks and the treasure room down to the hindmost room. The Captain with his personal bodyguard was present when we entered and we accepted the fight and came out on top. Balaforn saw a sparkling in the Captains bag and that was how we discovered the handle of a broken sabre. Now we only have to find the snapped off blade matching the fine handiwork of this item.
Of course we took our success as a sign to try to enter the corridor leading into the back of the first ship once more. At first we managed to gain some meters, but soon it evolved into a stale-mate. When we wanted to heal up and gather outside we found the deck guarded by more than a dozen pirates from the docks who must have been alarmed by our going aboard. Thanks to Gravier, Pit Bul and Newt i was healed later in a safe on the beach. I´m sure if we search the first ship thoroughly we will find the blade. If not there´s always the pirate bar near the docks which attracts a lot of pirates, one of whom may keep the blade or at least know where we can find it, if only we ask with enough pressure.

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