Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

Yesterday was one of the more quiet days. In the morning we hunted in the Pyramide, because Jago wanted to reinforce her gloves. In the ground level the biggest challenge was to stay on your feet and not get too dizzy from the gases pouring out of the Mummies. In the top floor lots of stronger Mummies appeared and nearly the whole group fell and, after several brave rescue attempts from Sharelock, Elaine and Jago nearly everyone had to depart. I was lucky and got out alive, though.
The evening held a long discussion about a hunting destination. All of the time people wanted to hunt somewhere else than the rest, had to leave, wanted to join...At one point i was in the maze leading into the Ardvell Forest. I wanted to catch a glimpse of the forest again, but an Ash Urso ended this way more quickly than i had expected. Tarra eventually rescued me and we set out to Boanyoo. On the way we visited the small town in Barwidgee, where Leyenda bought thick leather. Uncommonly lots of bears were around and we recovered some nice furs and found honeycombs.
Boanyoo proved to be a tough challenge for our small group, but we managed well and after a visit to the northern village, which looks really sad, we eventually returned safely to town to sleep.

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