Montag, 15. Dezember 2008

Oh Happy Day

Yesterday was (nearly) a perfect day, just one of my undertakings didn´t bring the hoped for result, while i could achieve several goals.
A hunt to the bagseller with Frenzymac and Balaforn marked the beginning of the day. Here we witnessed the effects of spring, as dozens of Wendeckas had chosen that snell for the place to search a mate. Our intrusion was not looked upon gently by them and so we found ourselves in a long, but victorious struggle with the primates. Luckily we also found an intact Wendieskull, so that after the hunt i was able to purchase a skullcap.
We had just sat down to rest, when we were asked if we would help in testing the strength of a bunch of animals captured in Ravyn, an area said to lie east of the Wasteland. Of course we agreed and soon we found ourselves surrounded by dozens of Bisons, some of them more than twice as big as any seen before. Some Mosquitos also mingled in the crowd that chased us, but after some time we gained the upper hand and reported our observations. Maybe we soon find an entrance to this area where we can fight the monsters on their own ground.
Again just a short rest was allowed, as the cries "There are Orgas and Pirates in town!" were heard. Indeed, once more a sizeable force of them came streaming in from the West. At first, odds looked bad and Frenzymac as the only healer had much more to do than he wished for. But when more healers reinforced us, we could drive the Orga back to the northwest of town, where they had quickly erected one of their huts. A tough battle later, our town was saved from another Orga scouting party.
Our next destination were the T'rooltribes. We cleared all three main chambers, two of them even twice. Unfortunately, none of the red T'rool had been carrying one of the precious stones, tokens of their tribal loyalty.
The sun climbed higher and a good many people were leaving MediTower, so we looked for a nice destination. Someone mentioned all the things we need for the weapon against the Dor'Shak and soon we were on our way to the Docks, to search the first Pirateship for the blade-part of the broken Sabre. The deeper we went into the belly of the ship, the fiercer the Pirates fought us and we always had to retreat several times before we could establish a foothold in the next room and finally take it. The deepest room, with no place for the Pirates to retreat to, saw the bloodiest battle of all of them. But one by one we hacked the Pirates down until only the Captain of the ship remained on his feet to face us. With one hand he tried to kill us while his other desperately clutched a bag. But we were many and steeled from previous fights and against this he didn´t stand a chance. Puppy opened the bag and found what we had come for: a blade of a sabre! The way out to the air proved to be nearly as hard as the way in had been, but soon we had made our way back to town, carrying the blade with us. Now we just need to get enough Ancient Daggers to trade against the oil we need as the last ingredient of the weapon recipe.
After some relaxing of the aching muscles and tending the last wounds, i decided it was time again to try to pass the test to the 3rd fighter circle. The whole day i had been very optimistic, but when i entered the room with the monsters, i got doubts. I found them approved only a moment later, when both the Zerk and the GV had hit me once while i hadn´t even landed a single hit. But i found my concentration and always thinking of my lessons killed both of them without any further trouble. Soon i had trapped the Fury in a corner and was slowly wounding it more and more. Suddenly it turned and wanted to run away. I became hasty, as i thought myself close to killing it and neglected my defense, which immediately resulted in some hard blows. My heart pounded so hard, i thought it would crrack my chest, until suddenly the giant Orga sank to its knees and Firutin announced that i was allowed into the next circle of the fighter guild.
I was so pleased that i had achieved my aim to become the first Contego to be allowed into the 3rd circle, that i fell on the way back because i wanted to recover some Lyfelidaeskins. But i was rescued soon and started buying drinks and then invited everyone to TC for some beer, wine and milk to celebrate. All in all this was propably one of the most happy days since i first came to Arilon.

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