Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 2008

Searching for a Pearl

Two days ago i left the tower to find everyone waiting for Zifers lottery. Sadly he had only sold less than half his tickets for this drawing, but nevertheless it was very exciting. This time i even won a special shirt in the ticket roulette! Although i am no fashion victim i am curious what effects can be reached by dying the shirt.

After the drawing a big group went to Yaramida. Shortly before we had learned that the pearls we could steal from Orga chiefs in the basements of towers on these cliffs were needed to get a badly needed bottle of fire rum, which is essential for forging the weapon against the Dor'Shak. So we searched for yet unknown towers, but first we found a cave leading into a deserted village. Big chasms with hot steam rushing out were amidst the houses and some Wendecka were around as well. There was water to the south, which could be accessed by docks and we even found a Stonemyr living there. But our weapons turned out to be too dull to penetrate its skin, so we left him and the area to search for the tower.

Soon after we found a tower, and fought our way to the basement. One after the other we battled the Orga Chiefs.
The last one had a sash slung around its body, which seemed to be a sign for the highest ranked Orga. After a bloody battle we brought him down and in his belongings we found a red pearl.

It had become late and so i left for Arilon "the fast way", while the rest of the group ventured on and found the last pearl and got the rum. Now we have to concentrate on the other ingredients.

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