Sonntag, 4. Januar 2009

Precious Scales

It's been some days since i´ve last written here, but as the librarian told me that only on days of advertising more than a handful of people requests this diary to have a look in it, i´ll reduce my writing a little. Having not studied with Harnd Rite it always takes me some time to put down a readable version of my adventures.

In these days i´ve had quite some nice hunts, among them nice hunts with people only recently awakened from a longtime meditation, in places such as Niamphjungle, Sunken Woods or Wendies. Two days ago i was with a group that first hunted a little in Aroona and then searched for the missing Maquas who are supposed to run our postoffice. Although we discovered a few not so well-known things and Leda had made us try some things, we still don´t have a clue how to free them, as there doesn´t seem to be an obvious barrier keeping the Maqua in the cave we found them in.

Yesterday i was invited to a Hidden Valley hunt after i had searched for new paths offering shortcuts for me. Upon arriving i was surprised by only Dolphins and Dresko awaiting me, but we set out nevertheless, determined to hunt as long as possible and if neccessary attract a bigger group by falling. The first Cave Dragons and Cercops fell rather easy to our Axes, as we could kill them right at a barrier only us Arilonians found a way past. When Gravier arrived, we became bolder and ventured further in. While a tour around the lake killing the Tok'Hans proved easier than feared, our venture in a northwestern valley ended with the hoped-for reinforcements. With the additional healers we cleared the whole Valley of foes and could even surprise a Dragon carrying an emerald.
Another unsuccessful T'roolhunt later we gathered for a hunt in Ardvell. While we seemed too few for a spiderhunt there, it turned out that hunting Kajmanos in the swamp was not much of a challenge. Only on the few occasions where we had to deal with several of the bigger ones and the one time we encountered devil leeches proved to be a real challenge. The biggers ones also made up for a nice contest between Jago as the scale-master of the hunt and lucky scale-recoveries by Leda.
We had just decided to change for the spider-plateaus as we were awaiting reinforcements, when we saw an Anaconda wiggling along the shore. Of course we went back to kill the beast, which was less of a problem than some seemed to hope for. The Baby Ogopogo we met on the river was of another category. The group needed just one try, but quite some time to wrestle it down. In the end we were rewarded with several coins for everyone, because Penthka saved some scales from drowning that were worth an amazing 84 coins!
The day ended with the killing of some red spiders. We made our way twice from the landing place to the portal, once to let Leda check wether she could train it and the second time with the newly arrived only to go back home as several others had to leave and hunting in Ardvell would have been too dangerous for the rest. But after all it had been a nice hunt and with the discipline the group showed i may lead such a group to spiders next time.


alexdresko hat gesagt…

Hello. I just googled my last name and this post was in the results. It may sound like a strange question to you, but I'm curious why your character's name is Dresko.

Your game sounds pretty neat, whatever it is. :)

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Actually my character is called Glamdring, i don´t know why Dresko is called as she is.
If you think the game is nice, give it a try! We currently have an offer of 2 free months!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I cant remember where i got this name from; i think it originates from some book but im not sure as i have used this name for a while now.


Gravier hat gesagt…

i really like your writing style :) thats why i check your blog at least twice a day!

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Well, most entries take me half an hour or more and thats simply lots of time i rather spend doing something else or ingame. I will still write about once to twice a week, but definately not once a day or each other day.
I may think about it if enough people ask for it, but for the moment it simply gets too much.