Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009

Unsatisfying hunts, great prizes and a storm

Although i was not that long awake in the last days i participated in several nice hunts, although nearly all of them ended in desaster.

Some days ago i was on an Aroonahunt with several others. We managed to lure some of the giant Tigris that blocked the stairs from the water to the steady ground away and established a foothold in the area.
We recovered quite a lot of nice furs, among them a most beautiful one worth 30 coins, that Frenzymac stripped with all his skill from the carcass. The agile Panthers were a constant danger to the healers and sadly a pack of them set an end to our hunt, as Lafaborn was not able to heal the others.

Yesterday i was glad to be able to attend Zifers lottery drawing. I had bought one ticket beforehand and another that very day, as Zifer wanted to get rid of the last ones. Then i even won a third one, as i could answer his riddle: "I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I?" I was very agitated when the drawing began and even more so when the first numbers were matching those on my tickets! In the end i had a ticket with 2 right numbers and won enough money to buy tickets for the next few drawings :) Sadly i didn´t win anything in the famous Ticketroulette, but the shirt, the red potions and the bottle with white dye were surely premium-prizes for so cheap tickets!

Today a big storm swept over our homeland, altering many things in the lands. We were eager to see the famous Ravyn horses and bisons in their own environment and set out to search for a way into their territory. We were just arriving in the Wastelands, when a call for help for Frenzymac arrived us, he had already run ahead to search a way. What he found was a cave in the southeastern corner of the dangerous Noid-territory. Our group fought towards the south, but the unbelievable number of Noids first scattered our group (and left me no time to make a scetch of the scenery) and then clawed many a hole into us as we made a run for the ominous cave. Gladly we entered it, thinking ourselves safe. But - alas! - a red dragon with golden wings was awaiting us and a ball of flames was greeting us. Being split up and hurt, with nowhere to reatreat, we fell one by one, leaving the cave unexplored and a way to Ravyn yet to be found. Pathfinders should keep their eyes open if they don´t want to run that far and search for a way through the caves. I am sure, though, that there is some other way down to the planes of Ravyn, future explorations will tell.

To compensate for this outcome we decided to go to Aroona once more. After discovering a path that might spare some boattrips in the future we had to try it of course and the result was this:
I decided that hunting was no good today and so i set off to search some paths that the storm had laid open. Indeed i found quite a few and so i meditated happily.


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