Samstag, 24. Januar 2009

The fighters are arming up

In the last days i´ve had many adventures that i want to tell of now. It all started with a cry for help that came to my ears right after waking up. As it turned out some Arilonians had started another sortie to clear the jungle of Orgahuts and in the meantime a small company of Orgas had evaded this force and made their way to town to build another hut and statue there. These were quickly destryoed again and so i set out to help in the jungle. It was a long, tough battle and although the group was quite big, we didn´t make much advancement. In several hours of labour we could clear just a single snell. This was owed as much to the newly learned skills of the Piratepriests as to our uncoordinatedness. When most of the people left, Dresko and me helped Tofor to get some leather gloves and learn from fights.

The next day was even more exciting. I just sat in town, making scetches of the monsters recently discovered in the lands, when i heard that once more Rion was so curious when discovering a new path that he had to try it - and fell. Now he was on the other end of Tigerland than his group. Luckily the last storm revealed more shortcuts through the northeast, so i arrived quickly at Kashoum and together we made our way to Rions body. I stayed with the group for a while longer, although this time Frenzymac cleary won our skinning duel.

Even more scetches later Gravier, Dresko, Lafa and me went to Wasteland for the first big shopping tour. Dresko had become strong enough to lift a Hatchet and for good measure she purchased an Oakbasher as well. The craftsmen in Dinken were happy to see us and even more so when she paid not only with coins, but also with food.
This trade seemed to wake some bloodthirst in the Nors and so Gravier and Crash persuaded us to try to reach the end of the treacherous snakepass in the Orga Camp mountains. With a queasy feeling i joined the trip. The first surprise was waiting in the tunnel to Camp 2, where two large death vermine tried to stop us early and in return got their fur skinned by us.
We had a very strong group and to my amazement i was able to brick the first cobras coming towards us! We slaid them and an examination showed us that these had been Chamicobras. As these were the only cobras we encountered on our way through the pass, we even survived an ambush by 3 of these snakes without greater difficulty and so reached the cave at the far end. Gravier and Crash unslung their bags and piled several items in front of the inhabitant until he was willing to give each of them a mace.
The way back then held what i had expected of the pass: not only did some Furys help the other Orga, now Forst- and Cavecobras had come out of their den. Halfway back, the combined strength of several cobras and Trotzkis killed everyone but Frenzy. Crash departed and came back to try to chain us out, but both of them fell in the attempt. So the members of the Fast Feet, who lay deepest in the pass, decided to depart as well and help those who stayed.
It was a hard fight, but eventually we rescued them. On the way back i realised something strange. The scared Orga Scout north of Camp 2 stood differently on his island and his alerting cries sounded even more desperate. Did he know what the last storm had caused? I examined the shore and found a place where i could easily jump onto the island. Long had i waited to silence this little guy who always warned the Orgas in the camp of us. I lifted my axe, but as he shrank away shivering i pitied him and let him live. Instead we climbed down the ladder on the island, curious of the underground of the Orga Camp.
A vast cave was stretching out before us, maybe one of their breeding grounds. Lots of Orga Mamas and smaller Orga were trying to stop us, but died quickly. Then we found a fenced off area, several skulls on sticks were smikring at us. Of course our curiousness won and we explored this part too. When i touched one of the stones, they shifted and from the opening a gigantic Orga emerged, the Chief! At first we were still a little stunned by his appearance and so he managed to land several hurting blows. Then we regrouped and with a better tactic could wound him on more and more places, until he was slowed from exhaustion and bloodloss. When he finally died, we found a chest with lots of coins in his posession, a nice ending to a long and interesting hunt.

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