Sonntag, 11. Januar 2009

Confusing the Orgas

The last days i have made great progress in my search for interesting paths in the landscape. Although searching some areas like the Ursuswoods can be rather painful, i´ve had much fun and discovered quite a lot previously unknown paths.

Because of that i didn´t hunt as much as before, but one of our hunts led to the Orga Camp. Of course i used the opportunity to look into the underbrush for potential ways through the dense vegetation. One of these ways led us quite fast into Camp 3 that we captured easily. I had hoped for more BROs, but it was nevertheless exciting, especially when Gravier spread the rumor that the BRO in one of the huts was a hatred. Of course it was just a fury that was quickly killed, but he had caused some confusion with his statement.

For a change we headed the other way through the OC and by this surprised the watch in Camp 2 by emerging from the hut instead of coming from the north. We took advantage of their confusion and carved through their ranks, quickly securing the place. A bunch of Trotzkis, aTG and a Rage caused some delay on our way home, but in the end we reached Arilon safely.

Another advantage of being a pathfinder is that i´m finally an effective help for a rescue group. While before i always had to watch deedless when discovering a fallen, as i can neither heal nor chain, i am now able to help healers arrive at a fallen much faster. If the healer then uses the technique Camdopi tried on Gravier here, i doubt there´s much left to rescue though:

Another challenging hunt led to Tigers yesterday. Despite nearly only Nors being in the land and their insisting on their superiority the Tigers cut quite some holes in Schmandweg and Mordor. We had some close calls when we encountered whole packs, but Frenzy proved to be the same survivalist as ever and so we were able to recover lots of nice furs and learn from many a fight.

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Gravier hat gesagt…

I did not know there can actually be Hatreds in OC3, haha.