Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009


The last days i continued further in my studies, i am confident i will very soon have learned all that Paad Finegrr can teach me. As a sideeffect i´ve discovered several more shortcuts through the lands, nearly every time i go to search in an area i see a crack in a wall, a path through some trees or past looming mountains that will get me to the other side of the obstacle.

Of course there is nothing better to learn from than challenging fights and we had just these on a trip into the Ardvell forest. Right in the first snell we were greeted by 3 Ashursos, who quickly killed the whole group.
Dresko and me were exchanging bloody grins, it seemed we had accomplished to "call" for more healers far faster than we had thought. Together with the help, we managed to kill the bears one after the other and explore deeper into the woods. Several wolflike Lupos and some boars tried to bar the way, but we advanced always further. Deeper in the woods some Thieves thought to empty our pockets while we were eager to keep all the Lupos in view. Most of the unskilled ones didn´t succeed well, but then we met some Ninja-like Ladrons. One was throwing shurikas at us and in the cover of them others clad in woodden brown sneaked up at us to land a hit and disappear again. They forced us to give some ground, but as soon as we had eliminated all other threats we dealt with them and took revenge for many hurting wounds. We made it as far as the river and although i was not overly pleased, we shipped up the river to get back home, because - as the others pointed out, while i remained doubtful - the way there was safer. But we made it back indeed, knowing it will be quite some time until we can challenge the Thieves in the outpost they have erected in the forest.

Another newsworthy hunt lead us to the Glacier. After part of the group (including myself of course) had been beaten unhealable by Grendels while we tried to rescue Dresko there, we were once more reinforced and took revenge on the muddy heaps. Right on the plateau marking the cold Tundra a pack of Tundrawolves were waiting on us with slobbering jaws. We managed to scatter them a little and then killed one after the other. Sadly the densely falling snow made it hard to see where to cut their furs, so we got nearly no coins for them.
Some Wolves, Tigers and Bears later we had arrived at the Glacier. We dared to visit the vermine chamber, but no big ones were around. So we made our way deeper into the Glacier towards the Glaciomyrmchambers. They are tough fighters when challenged in their home, but we brought down a number of Nobles. After some time we left without a diamond, but with the certainity of being able to kill an Ice-Maha, who was waiting for us right at the Tundraentrance. It had been a funny hunt and Leda ported us home quickly.

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