Montag, 12. Januar 2009

A camping excursion

Yesterday happened so much that i will have to write it down at once, lest the impressions vanish from my head. I started the day with a quick hunt into the Savanna, where i tried to clear some bushes from places likely to have an easy and quick way behind them. Penthka used the trip to do some shopping, while Pit Bull and me were competing about who could recover the most valuable fur of a Maha.

But as soon as a call for an Orga Camp hunt was going through our network of mindcrystals, the shiny little gems on our forehead that allow us to communicate over great distance, we decided to accompany the hunting group. As a pathfinder the way can be travelled in a really short time and so the hutn could start soon after. Our first destination was OC 1, that we quickly took control of, as a Fury was the toughest foe to match.
We made our way north until we struck the river and turned east then. Cries of surprise, dismay and pain arose, as suddenly several member sof our groups burst into flame! The whole area was filled with Orga Shamans, who tried to hide behind trees, where they could safely mumble their spells and cast fireballs upon us. Through all the trip, they should become a bother and in the end, our fate.
After we hadn´t found a cobra in the first parts of the Snakepass, much to Lafas regret, we moved into Camp 2. The Orgas seemed to be alert, but didn´t stand a chance against the groups skills. Not only was every member cunning in his profession, we also worked very well as a unit. On the way to Camp 3 we then burst into a meeting of 5 Furies. Quickly we retreated, knowing we could not engage all at once. We managed to scatter them and kill them seperately. Unfortunately our withdrawal had to go so fast and silent that i couldn´t pause to make a scetch of it. In the end we could clear the Camp and while we were deciding what to do next, some Trotzkis guided by 2 Shamans rushed towards us and claimed a high blood toll amongst the fighters, but the healers did a great job and so the danger was soon over.
We had made up our minds: we would try to fight our way into the Orga Woods. A Large Death Vermine(LDV) guarded the tunnel, but we quickly "convinced" it to let us pass. Our arrival in the Woods meant we had to deal with a deadly combination of foes: we met more Shamans, Furies, Warlocks, a Dredlock and even Large Dark Vermines(LDaV)! I had wished to fight one of them for quite some time, but it something else entirely to fight a lonely vermine somewhere in the open or to fight one beneath big trees where you never know where the next Shaman or big Orga is hiding. But my biggest surprise was that the vermines were much slower than i had expected and i even managed to evade nearly all their bites!
We made it as far as the Tomatoseller and of course this opportunity was used for a small battle with the vegetables.
We just wanted to hunt back, when a LDaVsprung at us at the same time that several Orga were distracting us and fireballs were cast on us. We didn´t retreat fast enough and in an instant all the fighters were fallen. As if it isn´t hard enough for a healer to run among LDaVs, a Dred and lots of other Orga, constantly fearing to burst into flame, stand still and heal other is nearly impossible and so one after the other fell as well. We had to depart, but it had been a great hunt! Don´t miss Graviers view of the events!

A T'roolhunt later Ziyal was gathering us in the OOC-Room to see how we could deal with several monsters. We had to fight yellow Orgas from the Orga Plains, an Ash Wood Giant, Acid Cobras and beasts from the deeps of the BloodDungeon. It was a chaotic and painful experience, but Ziyal nods showed she had learned enough.

The end of the day saw another T'roolhunt, on which i finally found my second stone: that of the Rugumond tribe. Half my search is done, i will have to concentrate on the red Shar'Kin now to be able to trade a ring and a necklace.

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