Sonntag, 18. Januar 2009

The tides turn

As surely as the sun rises each morning the luck is turning again and so the recent hunt have been very successful again. One evening we went to Yaramida with a small group. Thanks to Leda we were able to quickly reach the towers there, as she knows a way to activate the portalstones there. We made our way into the first two cellars without much trouble, killing the minor Orgas and the big mean ones alike!
The second Orga chief had a shiny blue pearl in his pockets and with this we made our way to Ceolsige, the Pirate harbour in Yaramida. Leda was able to trade 4 differently coloured pearls against a bottle of firerum and then we explored the town a little. The pirate´s main trade seems to be slavery, the miserable being are caged everywhere in the village. In one of the houses you can battle an old bear for some coins, while outside the ring someone is offering to trade a chain for the nail of a bear. But even with Leda's magic shield none of us was able to even hit the still agile bear.
We were just on the way back from the forth tower to the next portalstone, when we were ambushed by pirates who killed our healers. With some stops, Leda, Gravier and me made it as far as the beach south of the pirate docks. But when we thought of the narrow way through the caves to the tiny crack leading outside, our hopes dwindled. So i ran there on my own, meeting with Elron, Sindi, Echnaton and Jago. Together we made our way back and everyone could be healed. Thanks again to the rescuers!

In the afternoon of the second day a whole lot of people were around and as the Orgas are camping further and further into the jungle are getting really annoying we set out to teach them a lesson. From Kabana on we clove a way through their ranks, concentrating on destroying the defending statues as well as killing as many defenders as we could.
The further we got to the sea and the ford at Swindlys tower, the more fierce the resistance became and we were always more busy defending against reinforcements rather than advancing further. Still, it was a successful sortie and hopefully we will soon be enough people to be able to destroy the huts too, so that the Dor'Shak is busy defending while we try to get the missing substances for forging a weapon against him.

We had hoped to do exactly this in the evening, but like so many other times, it came differently. There were not that many people around and so we decided to hunt in Hidden Valley. Somehow there were unusually many animals around. We had just jumped over the logs keeping the dragons in the south, when a whole group of big yellow cercops gathered north of the log and made threatening sounds. We didn´t hesitate, but jumped over the log, knives ready and axes above our heads and cut and skinned our way through them.
Then we concentrated on the narrow valleys that are inhabited by Cavern-Cercops and -Dragons. We found an emerald and could kill lots of them. Leyenda even managed to recover a whole armful of Cercopsfurs worth more than 20 coins!
The only foes that overmatched our skills were 2 Mountain Panthers, much larger than their relatives living in our forests, who jumped down on us from the height. None of us had ever seen them in this valley and we wondered if these were just passing through or defending their territory. They fought fiercely, taking small cuts now and then while constantly clawing the group apart. At last, we had to leave them and not only Leyenda and me gave their fur a last regretful view.

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Those mountain panthers are a real challenge! finally!