Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009

Founding of the Fast Feet

Yesterday i was sitting around in town and trying to copy a fading map onto the world map, when i noticed that all the people interested in forming a Clan were in the lands. We met at Werrins house to discuss the general setup of the Clan we wanted to form.
When Tofor admitted he goes crazy if someone takes his beer, Dresko must have felt sympathy, because she sponsored a whole keg of Urdarbeer to moisten our mouths during the discussion. We soon found out that we agreed on nearly all the basic aspects of a Clan, so the biggest difficulty proved to be finding a name and a location for the Clanhouse. Finally we agreed on the name Fast Feet. I hope we will have lots of fun together and match our name well by travelling fast and far. The only glitch was Werrin refusing to write down Tofors name on the list, so that it needed quite some rubbing of his head to soothe him again.

Although in the future we want to organise bigger hunts, our first hunt together was a short trip to the Autumn Woods, where Tofor bought some cloth bracers and was busy tagging everything we could lure and brick for him. I am sure soon he will be equipped well and his trainers be proud of him.

On Sunday Gravier had already trained organising big hunts, he had called for a trip to the Mynna Crypt. Under his leadership we first looted 3 more skelettons from the first level and then went down to the 2nd. Quickly we could trade 5 heaps of bones for a sturdier pickaxe to open the coffins in this level.
We were lucky and in the first grave we inspected we found a small paper with the password for the next level: fliuch. But here our luck endet, as the other chambers were really crowded and as some people already had to leave, we couldn´t try to get the second dagger or look into the third level. Still, we gained precious knowledge on this trip that we can hopefully use soon.

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