Mittwoch, 19. November 2008

Waking up again

I finally awoke after quite a long meditation and brought life back to my body by running first to T'rools and then to Niamph where i had some challenging fights. But meditating too long made my muscles weary soon and so i headed back to Arilon.

I was just thinking about resting again, when Zifer announced it was time for the lottery drawing! I arrived in time to buy some of the last available tickets. The drawing was really exciting, i had nearly forgotten how much. After the lottery Zifer also raffled some items in his Ticketroulette.

Sadly i hadn´t chosen a single number of those drawn, but nevertheless i´m really happy that Zifer is back and decided to continue the lottery once more. I´m sure next time i´ll check the Lottery Scrolls earlier to learn about the next drawing and buy my tickets.

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