Freitag, 7. November 2008

Exploring Yaramida

After the storm had swept the lands i was rather frustrated. It seemed to have been particularly wet, as the bathhouse opened after filling its pools. An even greater danger is to be found in the north of Alchera. No sign or post is warning one of the danger: Once you enter the portal you are pushed into a small boat and set out in the middle of a huge sea!

A little later i was asked to join the trip to a new area behind the piratedocks. Its name is Yaramida and is inhabited by gulls, Pirate Guards and several Orga and Vermine, whose strength is comparable to those we know as "normal" Orga.

After we covered several miles on the narrow cliffs poking out of the sea, we reached a tower. After destroying several Orga statues,we came to a corridor, which was inhabited by really strange looking creatures (Crash named them "feather dusters"):

Behind the corridor we entered 2 adjacent rooms with big schulptures in the middle of pools. Once we touched them, big and dangerous Orgas appeared from their hiding places. Eventually we managed to kill them and Crash found a green Pearl in one of the chests they carried. Sadly we were ambushed when leaving the tower and in the end had to depart, but it was an exciting exploration. I´m curious to see more of this area and maybe there are more dry lands to discover!

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