Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Into the Orga Camp

Yesterday a lot of people where in town and a discussion about a hunting area started. Some wanted to visit the Tigers, others were eager try to reach Orga Camp 3 with so many people around. Finally a group was on the way to both destinations, i had chosen to go to OC. The groups were a little unevenly balanced, while we had Tarra, Newt and Terra Bul as healers, only Gravier and me attended from the fighters.

We quickly made it through the first snells and were a little disappointed when we had to watch a whole lot of potential vanqs behind the river in the north who we couldn´t reach. Soon after we were standing in Camp 2, which we had conquered with only few problems and continued toward Camp 3.
The snells south of Camp 3 did not only house a lot of annoying Zippos, but also several Furies, welcome training objects for me. But the closer we got to the plateau upon which the Orga have their encampment, the more Trotzkis were around. We entered the Camp twice, but had to retreat immediately both times. While we could kill the Orga that had followed us, a spawn of Trotzkis south of the stairs as well as west on the plateau with the Orga from the Camp coming from the east proved deadly for the group.
Still, we had managed to come this far with just little fighting power and had had a great time. I am sure it won´t be soon until the Camp will become a frequent hunting target.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hey there, its me, Gravier, i just wanted to point out that its not really trustworthy if you put "little fighting power" and Gravier in one blogentry... but the rest of the entry is quite nice to read and i agree, we had a lot of fun! too bad so little people were joining us. hope to see you meet you in OC3 again, sometime soon :)

Glamdring hat gesagt…

Ok, next time i´ll write not many approved fighters were with the group ;)