Dienstag, 4. November 2008

Mages make you believe

Yesterday we went on a fast Wendiehunt to try to find the last skulls for Tarras cap. We had already brought down a few, when we decided to try to kill the Silverback-Nightwendecka who had haunted the place for some time now. At first i was a bit sceptical as i couldn´t recall a single event from before the great storm where we had manged to kill one of these impressive beasts. But Abe joined our group and with his mental enhancement we fighters were able to mostly evade its giant fists.
Crash didn´t seem to be fully into it, he feared the Silverback might be his father. Although both have quite broad shoulders, i can´t really imagine his father being a Wendecka. I think one would notice differences in his appearance then, such as full hair.
But soon after the first attempts Leda came along and boosted us even more and with this belief in our own strength we quickly killed the Silverback. Crash didn´t really look happy, but it was done! I was really impressed by what a skilled group can achieve. Soon after we found another Silverback and brought him down aswell. It made me wonder wether the two had been rivals and their fights had weakened them, but it might also have been my lasting astonishment about us coming out on top of these fights.

It didn´t take that long until we had found Tarra's skulls and decided it was time once more to search for fox meat. Therefore we ran to Foxden and with Leda and Abe convincing us that we were able to kill all the foxes we indeed managed to slay them. Sadly we found not the slightest hint on how to peel a fox joint out of one of their bodies, but at least we were able to recover a lot of their nice furs.


Terra Bul hat gesagt…

Just wait until you see Crash's alleged mother;)
Nice to read Glamdring... as always:)

Terra Bul hat gesagt…

I left you a surprise under my blogging page under google (sadly not possible on arilon.de).. hence my being rather absent yesterday^^