Sonntag, 2. November 2008

Excellent healers save the day

The day started with some more festivities in the Hall'o'ween-tower. Several fighters were around and doing quests or killing various monsters. When i ahd to visit Reizende i discovered that she, too, had prepared for the celebrations and wore a costume. She was in a full plate armour that seemed shaped for a Kyttyn rather than for a Hamini, but she walked sure-footed and handled her mooncrystal with the same skill as always.

Back in the tower i discovered a fine piece of sculptors art: a dragon! Although the surrounding was not exactly inviting this statue made me linger there for a while.

Later in the evening i was once again asked if i was interested in a hunt to Ardvell. Although there were just Ursus and me as fighters, which made me a little doubtful, Jade and 4 healers we managed quite well. In the beginning Ursus lured the spiders towards us again, but then we became more bold and hunted through some few snells. Open borders then caused half the group to fall, but a nice chainrun from Ursus back to the landing place saved us. We had just gone west again when a huge spawn of Mammut arachnes forced us to flee again. In the following confusion nearly everyone fell and as a Sekat and some Nathair were waiting in the water the healers couldn´t go there either. What followed was a great example for Lepori zigzagging and Azcatl selfheal in the course of which Tarra and Lafaborn managed to lure spiders away, rise the other healers and bring us towards a rather safe place. I was so impressed i forgot to run when i was raised first, but the pain reminded me of my visinity again. We then ran to the portal cave(maybe on one of the next hunts a mage willing to learn that portal will accompany us, it would save us the boattrip!), where Ursus had been chained to and soon after manged to rescue Jade as well.

We decided we had killed enough spiders by then, as we had even found several red spidereggs! Our next target was the Ardvell Swamp. Jago joined our group for this hunt, while Terra Bul and Jade left. Her skills in recovering scales paid off well as the swamp is not only housed by Meshra but also by Kajmanos. We didn´t find any Kajmanoskin, but won the knowledge that we are actually able to hunt there. We even defeated an Anaconda, one of the biggest snakes i ever saw!
A narrow ravine in the northeastern mountains is fortified with a huge stone wall, behind which several flea-slings...umh..dogs kept watch. The guard at the gate was very rude though and barred the entrance.

Before we returned we quickly landed on the Thieves plateau in the west to see wether we could kill the boars lurking near the landing place. As it turned out we could, but we did not have the skill to cut their tusks from the cadavers. A man in Burh Fierlen, the rainy city in Ardvell, is asking for them in order to open his weapon shop again.

Exhausted, but not really sleepy yet, i went into the Hall'o'ween tower again. With the help of the others i managed to do the Onaquest, which was a very hard and tiring chase. After helping Jago try it as well and helping to get to fallen Warrax i was so weary i could only go meditating.

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