Freitag, 21. November 2008

Hunting with a tough Hamini

When i left the meditower today i saw that Elaine was around as well. I hadn´t seen her for quite some time and not hunted for even longer, so we quickly decided to hunt some Niamphhorses. On the way we had to pass the Niamphspiders, because i can see potential paths leading through them, but can´t really decide how to place my feet into the shortcut. I got a first glimpse of Elaine´s skills, which were as honed as always.

The jungle with the horses proved to be just the right area for us. It was challenging, but not too hard. While i tried to brick and skin as many horses as possible, Elaine did a great job staying alive and still taking care of my wounds and tagging some of the horses. Although i fell once, we never got in really deep trouble as we proved to be a good team. I really hope to see her again soon, so we might be able to hunt together again.

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