Freitag, 21. November 2008

Urdar fly raiser and a close call

Yesterday i was with a group in Niamph. First we killed the spiders on a tour, because Leyenda seeks to buy Leather-Bracers. Sadly we didn´t meet any Mammutspiders, only some grey ones proved at least some challenge. But it was a perfect opportunity to train for fast-tagging, where i avoided pretty well in getting caught by too many of the eigth-legged monsters.

As we were quite a lot of fighters we went on to the horse jungle to search for a challenge. Gurff joined us and managed not only to fight horses but also took great care of the flies buzzing about him. This is not surprising for an Urdar, but then he started to use smelly dirt to attrackt the flies also to beforehand clean Kyttyn furs! While i managed not to get caught by him, poor Jago and Leyenda will have to clean their furs back in town. Only some spawns with lots of wildhorses proved a bit of a greater difficulty, but Frenzymac is just too skilled to let himself get caught by them and happily i observed that i didn´t have many problems dodging the horses and killing them.

Back in Arilon i decided it was time again to check on my progress in evading. Tarra accompanied me to the 3rd circle fighter test. I quickly killed the Giant Vermine, but the Zerk managed to land a blow, because i needed way too long to kill him. But eventually it was dead, as well as the Death Vermine. I had needed a considerable time already when i finally faced the real challenge: the Orga Fury. I tensed my muscles and waited for the approaching beast. And behold! i managed to evade its angry blows! I waited for it to get a little of balance and landed some hits on my own. From time to time i didn´t turn fast enough and was hit, but i managed to make it bleed from lots of smaller wounds so that it was more than half dead when it finally killed me. It seems i can now change to Laedo Ledo to be taught in the art of swinging harder and hitting more fragile parts of my enemies.

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