Mittwoch, 5. November 2008

A very nice and skilled healer

While i was dozing in town i woke up with the strange feeling something bad had befallen Terra Bul. Soon after Tarra asked for fighter help in Aroona and in moments i was on my way. Luckily i know a few shortcuts to the west, so i arrived at Partybeach not long after the call for help. Before i knew what i was doing i was rowing towards Aroona! I still can´t help the feeling Terra Bul somehow hypnotised me or did something else to me that clouds my mind when it comes to boats. I don´t know if i should be grateful for it, as the chance of something bad happening while sitting in a boat will increase with this...
Anyway, the village in Aroona was roamed by several Tigris and we had to wait for reinforcements, but after those arrived we quickly secured the place. While doing so, Leda recovered a really beautiful fur of a gray Aroona Gianttigris. It was so huge, i am sure one could cover the whole living room of a bigger house with it. Soon the fallens were raised and we could go back to town.

This morning i woke up to find a surprise! Terra Bul has made a nice painting of me and was so kind to leave me with a copy of it:

I am really happy about this picture, thanks a lot Terra!

To add to my excitement, a storm seems to have swept the lands while i was meditating, i am eager to see what is new.

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