Mittwoch, 26. November 2008

Hunting Wolves

Yesterday i accompanied Lafaborn to Barwidgee to hunt for the last Wolffurs he needed to get thick leather for another protective layer on his bracers.

We kept to the northern parts mostly and had little problems killing the numerous wolves there. Unfortunately most carcasses were rather badly injured and so it took quite some time to find intact furs.
Twice we stepped in the middle of huge spawns, once just while fighting gigantic wolves, but both times we managed to retreat and slowly kill the packs. We had to make several rounds, but finally we managed to find the 3 missing furs and reach the village where Lafa bought some thick leather. The hunt had tired us and as we didn´t have enough money with us to let the bracers be reinforced immediately we returned to Arilon, where sleep took me.

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