Sonntag, 23. November 2008

A stone and an astonishing confirmation

Yesterday i successfully hunted in a variety of places. At first Lafaborn called for a Nauggath-hunt to search for some ore. We had a strong group and cleared the caves several times, finding not only lots of ore but also some large Nauggaths.

A little later, when i awoke from my catnap, i was invited to join a little Niamphspiderhunt.
All went well, until Blacky left us and Lafa, Leyenda and me settled down in the first safe for a small break. Frenzymac, the only other healer in the world, fell poisoned in Wasteland! We decided to quickly head there for help, but when we left the hut, Leyenda was trapped and fell by the scores of Mammuts avaiting us. Lafa and me had to make a decision: kill all the spiders and help Leyenda first or take the time to help Frenzy first and get fighterhelp for Niamph then. We decided for the latter and although many poisonous snakes lurked in the passes we safely made it to Frenzys group.

Rescuing Leyenda with the reinforcements was no problem at all and so we went on to the Niamphjungle, where we had a nice time killing horses and skinning them. There were one or two close situations, but it has to be an amazing force indeed to stop the team of Lafaborn and Frenzymac.

Again i took a catnap, exhausted from the long distance runs. To get warm again i decided to pay a visit to the Paghorim-T'rool-Tribe as i have done for some weeks now. Finally it paid off, as i caught one of their stronger inhabitants with one of their precious stones, which the others tribes ask as a token of your opposition to the other tribes before they offer trade with you. The easiest stone is found, now i will need to concentrate on the other tribes.

Shortly after my find i heard a call for a Tiger-hunt. I didn´t hesitate but set out for Kashoum immediately. I arrived in time to reinforce the group in a critical situation and then we had a nice time fighting Tigers and collecting their furs.

The hunt ended well and i ran to Niamph where Leyenda had been lying for some time because there was no fighter to help the healers around. Back in town, i reflected the day and joyously noted i hadn´t fallen once on all these hunts! It made me a little proud and is a nice affirmation for the way i want to train.

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