Sonntag, 9. November 2008

Into the Crypt

Yesterday evening the colosseum opened its doors and quite a lot of people met there, fought monsters and driven by Splashs freehanded use of his coins placed lots of bets on the coming fights. Personally i first fought a Cavern Wendecka, but i wasn´t quick enough to evade its blows and so lost this fight. Then i decided to combat a large Deathvermine, which i defeated without a scratch. Of course i now wanted to try 2 of them and this fight saw even higher bets than the one before. Once again i managed to survive without even a scratch, much to my own amazement! Last came what had to come: i ordered one more LDV for the next fight and the bids rose to new heights. This time Splashs guess proved right: when the fight started i was pushed right in the midst of the 3 waiting Vermines and although i frantically turned around and tried to keep all at once in sight i could dodge only 2 and the third managed to jump at my throat and land a killing bite in the first attempt. Still, it was a useful experience.

After colosseum a bigger hunt was planned: a visit to the Mynna Crypt! The group of more than 10 Arilonians was devided in two and Rion Taur'ar and me brought them pretty quickly to Partybeach, from where we took boats to Mynna. Knowing so many people around really helped to calm me down on this part of the journey. After some waiting for latecomers and refreshing we entered the dark Crypt and were immediately greeted by a bunch of Undead and Scorpions. Eventually we secured the entrance and could proceed deeper into the corridors. Splash had gotten the lead, but only half the group listened to him, which made for a much slower advancement than would have been possible had the group stayed together and used appropriate tactics like trapping, bricking/rodding, letting the stronger fighters get to the stronger monsters etc.

Still, we managed to kill several strong skeletons named Myrryn'dhor or similar, who appeared in chambers when one of us touched the piles of Gold in a corner. As no one managed to brick it reliably, we managed to establish Sharelock Holmes as a rod after some tries and with 2 healers tending him we brought them down with no bigger trouble. Strangely their bones did not shatter when the last bit of life left them, but we could take the whole skeleton along.

A particularly big Skeleton fought us with a small, old-looking blade and after we killed him, we ecxamined the weapon: we had found the first Ancient Dagger, which we will need as exchange good to get some Mynna Oil for the recipe for the weapon against the Dor'Shak. Tarra, the curious Lepori, found a room with a lonely person on one of his roaming, who promised to give us a pickaxe if we could bring him 3 skeletons. Luckily this was just the number we had found whole, but the way to this room ended in desaster. Only said Tarra and Frenzymac on his chain managed to get out of the Crypt, the rest was quickly mangled by Ghostrats and lots of Banshees guarded the way out.

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