Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

Lots of boats and some good news

In the past weeks i´ve meditated quite a lot, which i noticed right away when hunting again. Meditating is just not as refreshing as a good catnap, you always come out of the tower with some aching muscles from the hard floor and your reactions are rather slow in the beginning.

Anyway, when i left the Meditower, i could participate in a number of interesting hunts in the last days, including killing some Wendies, Wildhorses (yay, i finally found my first 2 leather!) and some hunts on Mirrin Islands. Luckily we had some nice groups, otherwise i wouldn´t have dared taking one of the small boats Roderick is renting at Partybeach.

One of these hunts first led us through the Barwidgee Forest, where i was asked to look for a path leading to Aroona, but i couldn´t find any. So we had to go to Mynna and take a boat (*sigh*) to Aroona, but luckily the waterways on the Island itself are rather smooth. When we finally landed at the teaseller-safe, we crossed the bridge and headed south. We had a nice group and even bigger packs of Tigris were overwhelmed by us. Of course i took the opportunity to recover some of their nice furs, lots of them were worth more than 10c. In the south we turned east and headed for the strange tower some of the group had already seen from the water. Reaching it turned out to be not much of a problem, but leaving the plateau again did, as lots of Aroona Pather were awaiting us. But thanks to some well-done chainruns and kudzuplanting we were able to slowly gain the upper hand again and head toward the Aroona lake, which we crossed again by Kyttyn-unfriendly means, by boat. My relief to land again was only a short one. We came to a little village, but most of the houses were either empty or closed and at the far end of it i already saw what had become familiar: a dock. Only the still impressive size of the group convinced me that nothing bad would happen and so we finally got back to Partybeach through miles of dangerous rocks sticking out of the water and currents wanting to smash my little boat on them. But this last boat trip also made for something new to me: a trip to Aroona and back without a depart!

Yesterday i was invited to come along to another Barwidgee hunt by a much smaller group, but i agreed nevertheless, i think i am slowly losing my fear of that ocean, which in itself is scaring me. I don´t think i´ll ever come to like it, but maybe i´ll one day be able to take a boat even alone without being too scared to take the paddles. It turned out to be a good decision, as we found enough Wolffur for me and Newt to get thick leather. Now i only have to wait for an opportunity to get to Mynna with a group and take some more coins, so i can have my bracers reinforced once more.

Although my search for items runs well at the moment i´m still a little uneasy when coming to the little Kyttyn village in the howling woods. Since the big storm i have found no sign at all from Rrohan, i begin to fear something has happened to my old friend. I´ll continue to inquire wether i can find any signs or news of him.

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