Samstag, 13. September 2008

Reizende start fightermode!

Yesterday Jazzmertize and me where dozing a little in TC, when we were suddenly surrounded by a mass of fast-grown wake-me ups. Luckily there was soon help coming out of the Meditower and even Reizende left her tree to watch order being restored and heal us. While we were busy she often looked as if she herself would like to join the fight (or to say it with zyrober: Reizende start fightermode!)

Later that evening the Dor'Shak "visited" Arilon once again with 2 Zerk bodyguards. After he killed all of us he demanded that we should leave "his" town. Jazzmertize threatened him, but he laughed and said a piece of paper couldn´t hurt him. Hopefully the parchment will reveal some weakness of him he is not aware of. Afterwards he threatened to come back with his army soon to clean Arilon of us.
With his remaining bodyguard he left then, but if his army is similar as the small raid force he left us in town (including some Warlocks, some Frost Orgas and a Fearless) i have no fear for our home.

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