Freitag, 19. September 2008

The secret library

Yesterday we were able to deliver the last food packages for the starving inhabitants of Dinken. Some Hyena and snakes tried to stop us, but we safely arrived the Wasteland-town, where we also learned that some of the craftsmen had already regained their strength and begun working. They´ve already created a stack of Oakbashers and Aneways, which they are selling now.

On our way back we learned that Bingro and Cleo had fallen in the Varpi passage. Of course we headed there and then decided to visit the new cave in howling woods and explore its depths. Quickly we were in the midst of huge hordes of skeletons trying to carve a way through. Usually we had only a few moments to catch our breath before we had to rise the axe again and smash another few dozen bones of freshly arrived skeletons. As they are the revived remains of very different people its impossible to tell the strength of an Undead before crossing blades with it. At one point a particularly strong warrior must have been revived, as a single skeleton killed nearly the whole group. But as we got a little more coordinated and kept together we advanced in the cave.

The center of the first cave is dominated by a burning gallow, which radiates enormous heat, that singes fur and skin alike. In the second cave we found a huge skull-like statue, with burning eyes and mouth.

Another cave leading from there brought us into a hidden library where Der'ka and Herriot watch over several dozen books stolen from King Leorics library and try to keep them hidden from the Undead. The titles suggest they are all related to blood magic or Necromantism. Maybe our mages are able to learn something from them.

When we gathered for the way back, Newt didn´t look too optimistic, but although it took some tries until everyone could breeze fresh air again we didn´t have to leave anyone behind and left the cave with some thing to ponder upon.

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