Mittwoch, 24. September 2008

Getting the crystal

Yesterday a big group went to the Caverns of Darkness again to explore them further. Waltraud, an Elder, had told us should try to get a crystal from there for the construction of something to defeat the Dor'Shak while she would try to decipher the parchment further.

The first caves were quickly left behind, much to my relief. Not only are most parts of the caverns flooded with water beyond sight, there are even treacherous rapids and sharp rocks just beyond the surface. Luckily i always managed to get to the next landing place without getting wet. The group which had been there last time had made considerable progress after i left and so we managed to get beyond the fourth monolith before we had to find gems again.

Luckily the islands in this part were connected by bridges, so there was not even the risk of drowning. The caves here were not inhabited by worms any longer, but by Famhair, green-clad dwarves, looking very much like Urdar. They fought more fierce than the worms, but driven by Ursus' claim that they would take our gold if they overwhelm us led to fast and bloody fights quickly decided to our favor. Of course each gem was guarded by a tougher foe than the Famhair, it were Sahmpuicean. The "Papa-Dwarves" reminded me of stone-golems, but their skin was much softer and more easily penetrated with a weapon. So we gathered all the gems we needed and finally got the last password: Gabhadh.

It led to an open space with a monolith leading back to Andoria and a big stone-door with a rusty wheel. We felt we were close to the deepest cavern where we might find what we were looking for and so the door was pulled open in a short time. Inside we were surprisedby lightening towers, which immediately began sending bolts towards us and so made battle difficult. The few Cuideaghs (crab-like creatures) were quickly overwhelmed and after reorganising with rodding the towers torn down: the beach was secured and ours! Stepping to the edge near the water brought sight of something i propably hate even more than sitting in a boat when it rains: we had to fight big monsters in boats while being the aim of unavoidable lightening bolts!

Anyway, we couldn´t stop while the target was in reach and so a series of getting a boat, trying to hurt the Nessies swimming in front of the dock as much as possible, being struck by lightening and retreating to the beach came up until we finally managed to get some room to move. Unfortunately i fell while sitting in a boat and so i ended up wet and rather displaeased. Somehow we managed to trap the Each-Uisge, a gigantic Nessie with an impressive head adornment. It had fins the size of a Nor and its neck was so long that the head towered several meters above us! Bug still we managed to land blow upon blow and aided by magic boosts, heals and rodding finally we killed it. Joy spread when we discovered not only the hoped-for crystal, but also a chest containing 500 coins!

Being Arilonians of course we wanted to explore every last bit of this cavern, so we destroyed the remaining lightening towers on the isles and killed the remaining foes before deciding we couldn´t do anything more. I hope we will soon hear from Waltraud what else we need to get or how this crystal can be used against the Dor'Shak, which stays the main aim.

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