Donnerstag, 11. September 2008

Thanks to Lafaborn i was able to purchase Mynna Bracers today! He was so kind to help me get to Mynna, which i wouldn´t have dared alone. Thanks! They weigh a little more due to the additional layer of leather, which seems to take me a little off balance, but if they are a real improvement only some battles can show.

A little later i went to Snowland to help Terra Bul and Lafaborn to find and raise Rion Taur'ar. As there were some beasts lurking on the plateau we decided to ahve some fun. First we tried to bring down a bear, but some incoming Lyfelidaes made that fight tough. I lured some away and Terra decided she´d like a nice snow-white fur for warmth. Of course i couldn´t reject that request and so i was able to recover the fur of a Lyfe which was worth 22 coins! We managed to get the bear eventually aswell and his fur was worth 17 coins aswell, so the battle at the ladder to plateau paid off well. I hope Terra won´t freeze anymore when going into Snowland from now on, i handed the Lyfe-fur to her back in TC, it had amazingly few little cuts from the fight.

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