Dienstag, 23. September 2008

The caverns of Darness

Sunday was a very eventful day. First i decided to visit Birger for the first time and see how far my progress towards the next circle is. I was very tense, when i entered the test area as i had no idea how well i might do. As soon as i heard the gong the giant vermine came running towards me. I quickly slayed it and concentrated on the Zerk. Unfortunately the death vermine didn´t wait its turn and while quickly killing it the Zerk landed his only, but devastating hit: his fist crashed right on my left shoulder! It was no problem to finish the Zerk, but i couldn´t use my shield the way i am used to. In this state i had to face the Fury, the true challenge of the test. And so came what i was expecting. The fury deked a blow with its left, but hit with its right fist and i was staggering backwards, holding my side. Two or three more blows decided the uneven match in favor of the fury. It seems i still have a lot to learn and maybe i should focus on getting some better armour aswell.

A little while later, Lider came to town. What happened then may be too long to tell, so i will try to tell the story with some scetches i made:

Newt also wrote a little summary, if you rather want to read about it.

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