Sonntag, 14. September 2008

Orgas getting more fierce

I don´t know wether one of the Orga escaped us the day before and reported to the Dor'Shak or if it was just his displeasure that he didn´t learn of any greater devastation in Arilon, but it seems the Dor'Shak is trying to get control of our home.

While all the Arilonians but Reizende were on a rescue in the Niamph jungle (or being rescued there) he sent his minions to TC where they quickly erected a hut near Locus tree and a statue near the fighter hall. It was a nasty surprise to find these buildings when coming home. This time the enemy force had also grown not also more numerous, but there were also stronger Orga around. And once more they were accompanied by some pirates, which may be a hint to the base of the Dor'Shak and also a hope, that the scroll found at the Korsaro-fortress might reveal some weakness of his.

Before we could bring down the structures, we had to concentrate on eliminating everything hostile walking around and so we battled not only the alredy common Dissens- and Frostorga, but also several Fearless, some (Snow) Zerks, but also a rage. Suddenly our ranks became a mess and everyone tried to get away. An Orga Dredlock was lose in town! After some chaos, we managed to reorganize, lure it away, kill the rest and then tear down the structures (peaceful and communicative as we are we even tried to communicate with the enemy before countering their persistent attacks). After a quick heal for everyone, we engaged the Dredlock, who can take a lot, but a dozen weapons constantly slashing his thick skin brought him down before he could do much damage. It was the end of the invasion, although i fear more will come soon, hopefully the Dor'Shak doesn´t command even stronger foes.

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