Samstag, 27. September 2008

News about Rrohan

Yesterday i finally got some news concerning my friend Rrohan, chief of some Kyttyn living peacefully in the howling woods. The day did start well, i was finally able to buy a Harness and reinforced gloves, thanks to the nice hunt in niamph jungle the day before. I am really looking forward to fight with my new equipment, which i couldn´t really get used to until now, as Leda is so nice to glue a magic crystal on my gloves. I´m sure once i get used to the different feeling of the armour, i´ll have better chances at surviving in battles, maybe even in Birgils test.

But when i wanted to visit the Kyttyns hideout after some skinning in Kittyland, i was a little unheeding and let myself be trapped by some Varpis close to the entrance to the village. Already bleeding from several wounds i didn´t manage to escape the trap and fell. A little later i was found by Balaforn and Dolphins, but alas! Dolphins couldn´t heal me! Suddenly i heard some rustling in the leaves and Haou'tiss appeared. She´s a handsome Kyttyn living in the village i wanted to visit. She was very sympathetic with me and luckily had a red potion in her pockets which helped Dolphins enough to be able to revive me. I only had a glass of milk for Haou'tiss to show my gratitude, but appearently she liked it.

Then Haou'tiss waved goodbye and headed for the woods again. Just before she left i was remembering why i had come at all and asked her, if she knew wether Rrohan was well. She didn´t know exactly, but at least she could tell me, where he is, so my greatest fear (that he didn´t survive the great storm) has proved vain.

Another interesting thing may be the uprising of "Orgaism", a new cult. I first observed Terra Bul being a follower of it, when she tried to convince us to spare the Orga we met in Niamph. Now Ursus seems to have joined in, he refuses to kill any Orga, even those who attack him. He claims the Orga have a long, old history and are the remains of a big civilisation and ought to be spared. But having strong arms sometimes he accidently swings at an Orga, he kills them and then will pray for foregiveness. My only hope is that this cult doesn´t spread much further, as this would expose our town to the forces of the Dor'Shak, which must be avoided at all costs (even eternal punishment for killing lots of Orga).

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