Freitag, 19. September 2008

What a storm can change

Two days ago another storm swept the lands. You may say a storm is nothing unusual, but this one was strong enough to change parts of the landscape.

One of the biggest changes may be that it revealed lots of places where skilled pathfinders may squeeze through shortcuts to places far away. As it seems the ways to Niamph, PartyBeach and Akvumi are littered with those. To me it was a real pleasure to strafe the lands and find lots of previously unknown paths.

That same evening a call reached everyone in the lands: Abe had fallen to a skeleton! It turned out he had discovered, that the strange towers on graveyard were accessable now. They are housed by Skeletons and Zombies, which were rather quickly overwhelmed. At the top level of each tower there is a door closed with a handwheel. Behind these doors a Sammael is waiting with some Undead. Sammaels have the body of gigantic wolves, but their fur has the color of brown stained with blood. They are firece enemies, but the group brought them down.
There were also some people living in these towers and some bookshelves with interesting titles, but i couldn´t concentrate on them that evening. It remains unknown wether some passwords might reveal more of the towers. Also the statues inside these towers are definately worth a travel. I think i found some which might make for a nice decoration of the entrance of my house once i get it.

Lots of Skeletons roaming the Howling woods also lead to the discovery of a new area. I haven´t entered it yet, but it seems the Skels are coming from a cave hidden by a lake a little northwest

of Leilahs tower. Maybe a group can enter the cave at an acceptable risk and start exploring it.

Another mystery is why the myrm have dug tunnels until right under the town center aswell as holes there, so that smaller Myrm are constantly found around the fountain. A group entering the myrmhive has found nothing unusual yet.

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