Dienstag, 16. September 2008

Yesterday i was invited to join an Ardvell hunt. Happy about the opportunity to see the region again, i joined. To my dismay i learned that the plan wasn´t to hunt in the forest, no, they wanted to try to hunt some red spiders! In itself that is no problem (well, besides being suicidal maybe), but you have to go a long way by boat! But my sense for adventure and exploration proved stronger than my fear and so i stayed with the group when each of us chose a nutshell north of the eastern temple in Kittyland. The passage through Noths was rather uneventful until 2 Tae-Su, naasty things with lots of tentacles living in the water tried to ambush us. But soon we arrived on the muddy river of the Ardvell-river.

The journey became much tougher from here. We encountered several Sekats (even bigger, nastier and more arms than Tae-Su), which we killed pretty fast after some problems in the beginning. Sadly we couldn´t land near the portal place, too many mammuth spiders were waiting on the plateau. But Abe proved to be skilled with his magic chain and some well-aimed throws captured a few of the small spiders, which he maneuvered down to us. It turned out the fighters could brick them and so we killed them rather easily (which may also have been due to the fact that the spiders had to struggle as much against drowning as against us).

Newt and me became more and more uneasy and so we proposed to land in Burh Fierlen and check wether there were less big spiders at the entrance there. But already the next snell held another nasty surprise: a Baby Ogopogo! Curious as Arilonians are we surrounded it and tried to kill it and to our surprise we managed rather well and within 2 tries we could bring down the giant beast! Abe even managed to recover the scales, worth 38 coins!

1 mile from Burh Fierlen disaster came upon us. We met another Baby Ogopogo and despite my warnings that it is bad luck to fight in a boat while it rains (can you imagine a more disgusting place than somewhere where there´s water in every possible direction?) we engaged it. Of course this one was way stronger than the first and so we had to depart after all the healers were capsized.

All in all it was a very challenging and interesting hunt, although being in a boat for such a long time spoiled my excitement a little (and it will take days to get all that mud out of my clothes and fur). I hope we can soon land earlier, even if some spiders guard the landing place.

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